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Bun B Working Hard On Pimp C’s Album, Release Date Remains Unknown


It’s been nearly two years since his death, but Pimp C’s memory lives on, especially if his UGK partner, Bun B, has anything to say about it. And fortunately,for fans, the late rapper had enough music in the vaults to construct a posthumous Pimp C solo album … that’s exactly what Bun B is doing.


Bun B revealed recently, during an interview with XXL, that he’s been in the studio, hard at work on an upcoming solo album for his late partner-in-crime, titled The Naked Soul of Sweet James Jones, which would be his second official solo set.

But, Bun emphasizes that the record will meet the quality standards Pimp C would’ve held his music to if he were alive today.

“We had enough vocals, but it wasn’t just about taking whatever vocals I had available,” Bun B told XXL. “It was about constructing songs. It wasn’t about just throwing all the Pimp C I had out there. I had to really try to make an album.”

According to Bun, he’s not taking the release of this new project lightly. In fact, he’s making this one with “as much respect as possible.”

“It’s a very unique and genuine situation in itself,” Bun B explained. “I’m not really sure if it’s ever really occurred as far as hip-hop goes. We’re carrying this one with the kid gloves on. I made a lot of mistakes in my life — I’ll probably make a lot more — I’m just praying I don’t make one right now.”

The project is still in the works, and at press time, it’s unclear when it is planned to be released