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Jody Breeze Explains Jeezy Beef


“Jeezy knows that I done came up on him on different occasions and asked if we had a problem.”

Before Young Jeezy exploded as a solo artist in the rap game, he was part of Bad Boy’s Boyz N Da Hood back in 2005 alongside Jody Breeze, Duke and Bigg Gee.  After leaving the group to pursue his own career, there was no real word as to his relation with the other three members, but without any hostility, it felt as though things were alright. Continue reading ‘Jody Breeze Explains Jeezy Beef’




So, Lil Wayne’s got a song out in which he sorta kinda disses 50 Cent. Does this mean Fiddy’s gonna go after Lil Wayne?

Wayne hardly mentions Fiddy in “Let’s Talk Money,” other than to note that Pimp C, whom I’d take advice from, if he was still alive, told him not to bother addressing Fiddy. But you’d have to think that Wayne wouldn’t even have said that much, unless he was purposely trying to bait Fiddy.

Because you know Fiddy has been chomping at the bit for Wayne to so much as mention his name. I remember there was an article at MTV News a while back, in which they asked him about some shots he took at Lil Wayne in that especially harsh dis record he had out, and Fiddy was like, “Yeah, I just threw that in there to see if he’d respond, so I could go after him.” Continue reading ’50 AND WAYNE HEATING UP AGAIN??’