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Tity Boi Mixtape Trap-A-Veli

Bigga Rankin Tity Boi Trap-A-Velli 2 Mixtape Back Cover


Game Battling Snoop With “R.E.D.” Album


It’s going to be the craziest album out of the four. It’s going to be the most hood, but the girls are going to get into it because we’re going to keep it live.” The West Coast has almost been on life support for quite some time in Hip-Hop. Taking it from New York just to give it back and then watch it flood to the South, the game hasn’t quite been the same for the West as it hasn’t had such a prominent voice as it did in the days of Death Row. Fans waiting to see how the West will win can look into Game as another candidate as he will be accompanying Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg with a return to music. Dropping his album, R.E.D., the same day as Snoop’s Malice N Wonderland, December 8 is starting to look like a promising Tuesday for Hip-Hop. Continue reading ‘Game Battling Snoop With “R.E.D.” Album’