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Singer Lloyd Robbed In Milwaukee………..

R&B star Lloyd made a stop this past weekend in Milwaukee to perform at the Onyx Nightclub, on the cities North side.

 After his performance while chilling in the V.I.P. section, an unidentified man walked up to the singer and attempted to snatch his chain off of his neck, In which a struggle followed before the singers cousin allegedly knocked the would be robber out cold!

Word of advice. when you go to Milwaukee, tuck your chain in!!


Waka Flocka Speaks About Raid On His Home….

During an interview with Hot 93.7 radio station in Hartford, Connecticut, Waka, who was not home while the raid ensued, described how he learned his residency had been invaded..

“I had to go to court for a little traffic ticket for driving too fast. I was coming out the court, I had to use the bathroom. So my road manager G-Boy, he’s like, ‘Ay, man, police just raided the house.’ I’m like, ‘What? What they want? They want to find some CDs? What they comin’ in there for?’ ” he said.

Waka denied he was involved in any negative activities as accused, with no intention of living a double life.

“Why would I rap and go try to street gang bang? That’s hustling backwards. Why would I wanna rap all around the world and then go hit the streets and gang bang? I’m a rapper, I’m not a [gang-banger.] How can you gang bang and be a rapper? I don’t understand that,” he said. “I would love to find out where their information is coming from. I can’t wait.”

It was reported that one of Waka’s associates was responsible for being a police informant, resulting in the raid, which Waka also denies.

“That ain’t true. Hey, this is the internet. I don’t know what’s going on, I didn’t even see [the video], keep it gangsta,” Waka said.

Waka once again stressed it was nonsensical to put his current success in jeopardy by involving himself in street life.

“I’m good. I dropped the album, Flockaveli, doing numbers. ‘No Hands,’ I think it’s platinum or it’s on the road to be. I’m in the top three albums of the year, ’cause I don’t know nobody selling past me and Gucci and probably Wayne or Nicki and West or somebody or Ross. Other than that, these folks is losing out here,” he said. “I’m good, I got shows every week. I’m straight. Team good, I’m eatin’. New label, Brick Squad Monopoly, Gucc about to drop two mixtapes, I just executive produced one of them. I’m going in, man.”


Cam’Ron And Vado Banned From Canada???

Apparently, things Cam’ron did way back in the day stopped him from going to Montreal, Canada for a show. Him and VADO were denied entry into the North Nation. The were just there in Canada over the summer. No dice in the winter.

Cam also hit up Twitter to keep fans updated with the incident.

“my *igga @VADO_MH aka “sliiiiiiimmmmeeeee in customs wit me,” Cam tweeted Thursday.

“they just told @VADO_MH he has a felony, he cant come in da country and my dj either, im waitin to here to see what they tell me. SMH”

“they just told me NO!!! this some real bullsh*t!! we just was here a couple months ago! sayin i had machine gun in 03. f*ckin makin sh*t up” (Cam’ron’s Twitter)

While waiting in customs, Killa publicly released a video alongside Vado apologizing to his Canadian fans.

“We in customs, they just shut us down,” Cam said via video. “See the flag? Shut me down. This my deejay. This the only dude that made it. Ain’t got a misdemeanor. There goes the flag. This go the country that did it to us — Montreal, we sorry. We in Toronto customs. Sorry about that. Love y’all Montreal.” (Twit Vid)


DMX to Serve Another Year In Jail!!!!

DMX was arrested on November 18th for failing to take a drug test and refusing treatment.

“I did make the effort that I could, and I appreciate any help you can give me,” DMX, real name Earl Simmons, told Judge Mullenaux during his court hearing.

According to Mullenaux, DMX has tested positive for cocaine five times during his probation, which she attributes to an undiagnosed mental health problem.
“Your criminal history goes back to 1988…It’s going to continue if you don’t take care of your mental health.”

According to reports by the Associated Press, DMX was seeking treatment at a drug rehabilitation facility but was kicked out after drinking during a concert in Scottsdale.


Yo Gotti Wanted For Club Shooting!!!!!!

Three men in Memphis have been arrested in connection to a Thanksgiving weekend shooting, while authorities are now searching for a fourth suspect, Yo Gotti, believed to be connected with the shooting.

According to WREG Channel 3, on November 29th, Yo Gotti and his associate, OG Boo Dirty, were in the middle of a verbal fight when a third man became involved. OG Boo Dirty is said to have struck the man, which resulted in a shooting that wounded six individuals including an off-duty security guard who was in close proximity to the altercation. Currently, Yo Gotti has yet to respond to police, as he is “traveling on business,” but his lawyer insists he does not condone violent behavior. “He just wanted his fans and the public to know that…he doesn’t condone that type of behavior, and that again, he plans to deal with the charges that have been filed against him,” Art Horne said. “Once he comes back and deals with the allegations, I think his name will be cleared.” The three men in custody are charged with aggravated riot, while eleven warrants in connection to the shooting have been issued.


Superhead Filed Restraining Order Against Eddie Windslow!!!

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans was granted a temporary restraining order against her former husband, Darius McCrary, recently. The vixen hinted at being abused by the actor in an open letter to VIBE that was distributed around the Internet but made it official when she filed legal documents in Los Angeles.

Steffans is accusing McCrary, who is known for playing Eddie Winslow on 90’s show Family Matters, of choking and beating her with a belt in front of her 12-year-old son on one occasion and on another at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in front of a large group of witnesses.

“For the past several years, I have been involved in a highly abusive relationship,” wrote Steffans in the open letter. “I have been choked, whipped with belts, thrown about, berated, belittled, raped, and disregarded as a human being. I have been abandoned and embarrassed, then loved and coddled. I have been caught in a vicious cycle and have left on many occasions, just to return.”

She concluded the letter with the number to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline and signed it Karrine Steffans-McCrary. The actor filed for divorce back in February. The famed groupie will head back to court next week in an attempt to make the restraining order permanent




BIG FACE MEDIA just got its hands on an EXPLOSIVE interview, posted on the web with Jay Z’s former friend – Brooklyn rapper Jaz O

In it, Jay’s former friend appears to be saying that Jay is involved in some kind of GAY SECRET SOCIETY. The interviewer asked Jay Z’s former friend about whether he believed that Jigga was involved in a secret society. Jaz O responded:

The secret society with Jay Z . . . he’s involved . . . but he’s involved with this sh*t [sticks his finger in and out of his hand in the universal hand sign for f*cking] . . . he’s involved in that play sh*t”

Jaz O then goes of on a bizarre rant about the Illuminati. But he ends it with the following, “The people that [Jay Z’s] worshiping, that he’s kissing their ass and letting them feel him up, they don’t know sh*t.”


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