Yo Gotti Rival Targeted In Club Shooting……

OG Boo Dirty was arrested and charged on Wednesday with inciting to riot and aggravated riot after a warrant was issued for an after-hours shooting at Level II nightclub during Thanksgiving weekend speculated to have been sparked by a reported fight/altercation with rapper Yo Gotti.

According to authorities, the shooting took place after OG Boo Dirty born Lance Taylor, 24, got into an argument with rapper Yo Gotti born Mario Mims, 29, in the parking lot outside of the nightclub, as previously reported on MemphisRap.com.

Taylor allegedly punched a man who placed himself into the argument and shots were fired.

Six people were shot with one being OG Boo Dirty and a reported off-duty police officer who was standing in as security for Level II Nightclub.

On December 13, upon returning back to Memphis, TN, Yo Gotti turned himself in to authorities who had issued out a warrant for his arrest. Yo Gotti, who hopes to have his name cleared as he stated in a statement released by his lawyer, was released on a $1,000.

There were 11 arrest warrants issued for this shooting, two of whom which posted bail on Wednesday (Nicki Jones and Eddie Hall).

OG Boo Dirty is out on bail and faces changes from another incident which include attempted second-degree murder.

Boo Dirty’s bond was set at $40,000. He’s expected back in court on December 17 and also December 20 at 8:30AM, according court documents.

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