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B.G. Arrested On Felony Gun Charges


Damn… When it rains, it pours.  Just weeks after fellow Hot Boy Lil Wayne received a prison sentence on gun charges in New York, B.G. was arrested in New Orleans on Tuesday for felony gun charges.

B.G.  was pulled over after a “routine” traffic stop and offers found three guns, two which were reported stolen.

According to The Times-Picayune, Christopher “B.G.” Dorsey was arrested with two other people,   Demounde Pollard, 17, and Jerod Fedison, 28. Continue reading ‘B.G. Arrested On Felony Gun Charges’




BIG FACE MEDIA just got its hands on an EXPLOSIVE interview, posted on the web with Jay Z’s former friend – Brooklyn rapper Jaz O

In it, Jay’s former friend appears to be saying that Jay is involved in some kind of GAY SECRET SOCIETY. The interviewer asked Jay Z’s former friend about whether he believed that Jigga was involved in a secret society. Jaz O responded:

The secret society with Jay Z . . . he’s involved . . . but he’s involved with this sh*t [sticks his finger in and out of his hand in the universal hand sign for f*cking] . . . he’s involved in that play sh*t”

Jaz O then goes of on a bizarre rant about the Illuminati. But he ends it with the following, “The people that [Jay Z’s] worshiping, that he’s kissing their ass and letting them feel him up, they don’t know sh*t.”



Yung Joc Released From Block Entertainment


Yung Joc is officially free of his contractual obligations with former label Block Entertainment.


The Atlanta rapper confirmed the news with “I just got my release and one of the terms of the release was a defamation clause, so honestly, I can’t really talk about it too much,” he said. “I’ve been released, severed the business ties. May God bless them and their regime, but I’m doing my own thing now.“

As for his plans now, “I’m actually in negotiations right now with a few labels,” he shared. “I just choose not to call out the different entities. Things are looking very good, God is very good. When I was going through this whole thing with the Bad Boy/Block situation, I didn’t know what the other side was going to be. I didn’t know if there was going to be light on the other end. I was hopeful, but it’s actually working out for the best. I ain’t mad, nobody’s mad right now, everything is good.”

Joc first revealed his issues with Block and Bad Boy last May to over unpaid advances and royalty payments. He has released two albums for the label, 2006’s New Joc City and 2007’s Hustlenomics.


Slick Pulla To Be Released From Prison Soon, Planning New Albums


Incarcerated rapper Slick Pulla will be released from prison to a halfway house at the beginning of next year.


The rapper, who has been locked up since early 2007 on a probation violation, is part of Young Jeezy’s USDA (United Streets Dope Boyz Of America), which will drop a new album in early 2010.

“All this situation did was set me up to really get focused and come back to really give the people what they need,” Slick Pulla said last week during a conference call organized by “I need to be out there giving the streets what they need, good yams, instead of being in here. So it’s going to be a lovely situation. A minor set back for a major come back.”

USDA’s latest single “Bag Music” hit the Internet earlier this week, giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming project, which is a follow up to their 2007 album Cold Summer.

“This album is not about just laying down another compilation of different lyrical creativity, but more about letting the streets know that USDA is still united strong and fierce in that same branded Corporate Thuggin Way,” Young Jeezy said in a press release about the new USDA album.

In addition to Slick Young Jeezy, group members JW, Boo Rossini, Blood Raw and 211 make appearances on the untitled album.

Although he has been incarcerated for over two years, Slick Pulla said his USDA group members have been keeping him involved in their projects and playing new music for him, as he awaits his return to the rap game.

“You can be dumb and make the same mistakes or you can take the situation and make your mind stronger,” Slick Pulla said. “Cats in here are more focused on what they wanna do. When you’re on the streets you got so much going on, but in here you can focus on what you wanna do. Cat’s just wanna get down and execute.”

In early 2010, Slick Pulla will be released to a halfway house. If all goes well, he could be home as early as Summer of 2010.

“Once you get to the halfway house, you can work,” Slick Pulla said. “I am trying to get it to where I can go to the studio to work. And if I do good there, I get that weekend pass and then I’ll be able to work.”



Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent Air Out Jay-Z, Beans To Possibly Sign



“He is a crumb and I’m gone put my foot on his neck until he responds. Please make a record because a week it’s been out dog. I’m not taking nothing from Jay-Z as an artist. He ain’t no walk in the park but all I’m saying is I don’t got to jog to keep up to him

It looks like the union between Dwight Grant and Curtis Jackson is official as the two lyrical titans stood side by side on Philly radio airwaves with radio personalities The Hot Boyz.  Putting the rats in the fire, Sigel held no punches as he spit his truth about Roc-A-Fella and how Damon Dash and Jay-Z both played one of their most loyal soldiers.

Beanie Sigel discussed his plans to sign with 50 Cent a while back and how Jay-Z blocked a deal for The Broad Street Bully to make in upwards of $800-thousand.  Sigel also discussed Jigga’s sly remarks about Beans having two Bentleys which, according to Sigel, was far from the truth as “they just gave away monthly plans” with strings and chains attached.  Sigel further broke down his label State Property  saying,

“Now let’s talk about the record label I was supposed to have.  You didn’t give me a record label.  All I did was… it only cost a couple hundred dollars to search the name State Property Records.  Nobody owned it.   I paid a couple more hundred dollars and patented the LLC license so my record label only cost me around $750 to say that I owned State Property Records and I did that on my own.  You didn’t give me that.  And what artists were on that label so what did you give me? Continue reading ‘Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent Air Out Jay-Z, Beans To Possibly Sign’


Young Jeezy Prepping New U.S.D.A. Album


remember when they were speaking the names of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, with it all relating to Hip-Hop? For those that weren’t part of that circle, Young Jeezy was able to utilize his fixation with the drug game and these popular celebrities to describe that “White Girl” with his group U.S.D.A. Since their 2007 album, Cold Summer (The Authorized Mixtape), the ranks of the CTE label has enlisted new soldiers for the army. Along with Slick Pulla and Blood Raw, Jeezy now has the likes of Boo Bossini, 211 and JW on his squad and he plans to showcase them with the release of a new group album. With no mention of a release date as of yet, the group released the single “Bag Music” to serve as a warm-up before the true bout begins. The upcoming release has, however, been given mention to go out in early 2010. “This album is not about just laying down another compilation of different lyrical creativity, but more about letting the streets know that U.S.D.A. is still united strong and fierce in that same branded Corporate Thuggin Way,” stated Young Jeezy. As with every other group in rap, each went their separate ways in order to pursue a lifestyle as a solo artist as Jeezy did when he left from Boyz N Da Hood. As with most things, a person should be willing to let go and if it comes back, then it is where it needed to be. Member Slick Pulla has been incarcerated since 2007 on a probation violation, but is on the verge of being released to a halfway house at the top of the new year. And for those that are still salivating in anticipation to return to class and get a lesson in Thug Motivation: 103, the album is slated to hit around the time of the group album. So far, features have included Jay-Z, Ludacris, Kanye West, Fabolous and many more heavy hitters. “Trap or Die II,” “I Got This” and “Biggest Movie Ever” have all dropped and are expected to be on Jeezy’s fourth helping. Looks like class will be back in session 2010.


Andre 3000 Co-Signs Up And Coming Atlanta Rapper ‘Pill’

pillAndre 3000 recently gave Atlanta MC ‘Pill’ kudos for his mixtape 4180: The Prescription.


“To have his stamp of approval, me being from the A and idolizing them — him and Big [Boi] — for him to hit you and quote your lines on the tape, I was like, ‘Oh!’ ” Pill said. “I was like, ‘For real? That’s what’s up! I appreciate it.’ He’s top-five to me. … I was like, ‘I might know how to rap a little bit.’ ” Pill is a former protégé of onetime Outkast affiliate Killer Mike but has since ventured out on his own. While handing out copies of his mixtape earlier this year, he bumped into Three Stacks and gave him a tape. Andre called the next day with compliments. Continue reading ‘Andre 3000 Co-Signs Up And Coming Atlanta Rapper ‘Pill’’

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