The infamous list that has the Hip-Hop world up in arms is being brought up again. MTV’s top ten list of ‘Hottest MCs’ sparked a national outcry when people took notice that a certain Detroit hip-hop artist was looked over. As previously reported, Jay-Z was honored as the #1 hottest MC in the game and gladly accepted his title. While penning a letter of thanks to MTV however he had a “Kanye” moment as he called it and asked the number one question ringing in people’s ears, “What happened to Eminem?” The list did seem to be somewhat accurate minus the omission putting Ye as #4, Drake as #3, and the other Mr. Carter, Lil Wayne at #2.

The second best MC recently caught up with British radio show host, Tim Westwood while on the road. Following a performance where he injured his lip with a microphone, he sat down with the show host and chopped it up about his tattoos and eventually MTV’s notorious list. When asked if he thought his ranking as #2 was a typo, he replied:

“Who was number 1? Jay-Z? No,that’s cool….”

After hearing that his Young Money affiliate and good friend Drake came in just a step behind him he responded:

“Oh that’s cool, I thought Drake was gonna be number 1.”

Unmoved by his standing and the standing of his comrades, Wayne got an unexpected surprise after hearing that Eminem didn’t make the list. When Westwood lets the Young Moola President know about the infamous oversight, the surprise shows on his face as he says:

“Eminem?! Who else was on the list?”

After hearing that Mr. So Icey, Gucci Man, made the list he replied saying:

“Gucci? Gucci who?! Gucci Mane was on the list and Eminem wasn’t on the list?!”

Unable to control his reaction, he laughs to himself and sums up his feelings in a single statement.

“ Shoutout my nigga Gucci!”



  1. 1 SLAB
    October 15, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    you fuckin right gucci who! i mean this nigga is garbage, and i aint even a fan of lil wayne, but he just said some real shit. him b4 EM??? i mean Yo Gotti, Clipse, Red Cafe, Maino, Game i could go on forever about who is better, who told these niggaz they was the judge of something anyway….mtv dropped the ball on this one

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